• realhelly said:
  • I ask you to remove you're rude and dumb comment on my picture, i cannot remember take a picture of you and put a stupid comment because you're chubby, and don't be mad because you gain weight easyly , it's not my faut. Thank you.
  • me:
  • i don’t care what you say to me. i hope you feel better about yourself now. you’re so strong right? putting others down makes you so strong. but in reality you are weak. the strongest people in the world gain their strength in character and kindness. no matter what you say to me, i’ll always be stronger than you. & you have just proved that. thanks.
  • the comment i made on your picture was not personal. i had no intention of hurting your feelings.
  • “now she was definitely born with that, lucky. but i’ll be more proud of a body i worked for than one my genes gave me. because hard work and sweat burns calories and builds character.”
  • this is not an insult, it is a compliment. while at the same time i am making others feel better about themselves. because my comment is true, you were never obese or overweight which makes you lucky. but as for the unlucky ones who have to struggle and fight with their weight, they deserve to feel better about themselves. they deserve to know that even though they weren’t born thin that they can work for it. and working for something is the best feeling in the world, and so is achievement. now you can take my comment and twist it & say it means something entirely different but it doesn’t.
  • you’re lucky for the body god gave you.
  • but for the girls & boys who have to work to get a healthy body & lose weight, they deserve a round a applause. because it’s easy to be given something, but it’s astounding to achieve it.
  • yes you may work out & eat right, i never said you don’t. but what i am saying is that you were not born with a weight problem. but the people who were deserve to feel proud of themselves because of all the work they put into changing their life and being healthy. you will never understand this but millions of people know what it’s like.
  • so you can be offended, but i do not care.
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